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Trust represents our deepest connection with our patients and the greater community.

We Move With You

We move with you.

Our patients: The Vancouver Clinic will fulfill your health needs across your lifecycle, with quality care, people and services you can trust.

Trust and convenience are the fundamental reasons why people choose The Vancouver Clinic again and again—to give them piece of mind. Trust is the result of many things. It builds in accord with a doctor’s manners and expertise, flows from an assistant’s competency and attitude, and reflects back to the cordial front-desk faces that welcome patients and help them schedule their next appointments.

Trust is about the entire experience at The Vancouver Clinic, and represents our deepest connection with patients and the greater community. People trust that we are always ready to handle their needs, provide them with the compassionate care they seek, and move forward with their best interests at heart.

Imagine a world where the needs of patients come first. Now imagine this world exists in Vancouver, Washington. And this world isn’t confined to a single location, but is spread out across multiple sites so that 95% of the population is a short drive away.

This is The Vancouver Clinic. As a multi-specialty medical center, we’re with you through everything. You’ll find over 250 providers, more than 30 primary care and specialty departments, and licensed, trained medical professionals who are ready for your every move—from obstetricians present for your newborn’s first moves, to primary care providers who focus on recovery, physical therapy, sprains, colds, your heart, and specialists for more challenging health issues throughout all stages of your life. The Vancouver Clinic is the true definition of a health home.

We’re with you through all seasons.

Our patients appreciate knowing that whatever their needs, they can turn to The Vancouver Clinic to receive compassionate, collaborative and consistent care throughout their lifetime.

For some this may mean working with the same family medicine specialist from your early teens all the way through when your children become teenagers, and beyond.

We are there for the challenges and celebrations alike, the first steps and seasonal flare-ups, chronic concerns and altered plans, with experts waiting in each department and right across the hallway whenever life moves you in a new direction.

We’re always ready.

Life doesn’t stop happening. Neither does change. We move through changes with you at The Vancouver Clinic, equipped and prepared to support you through life’s many seasons—from sore back season to need new running shoes season, stop and smell the roses season to the baby’s kicking season.

We are Vancouver’s longest-standing, full-service healthcare clinic. Most likely, there’s a location close to you. Our medical professionals bring a global perspective to providing in-depth, localized care, moving with you across all of life’s seasons.