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Internal Medicine Residency Clinic

Residency Clinic Providers

Amee Thomas, MD.

Amee Thomas, MBBS

Internal Medicine Resident

Baron Uzochukwu, MD

Internal Medicine Resident

Beeta Shasti-Nazem, DO

Internal Medicine Resident
Corey Henderson Trujillo, MD.

Corey Henderson Trujillo, DO

Internal Medicine Resident

David Yamamoto, MD

Internal Medicine Resident
Gabriela Matamoros Pinto, MD.

Gabriela Matamoros Pinto, MD

Internal Medicine Resident

Grant Linnell, MD

Internal Medicine Resident

Hong Xu, MD

Internal Medicine Resident
John Kang, MD.

John Kang, MD

Internal Medicine Resident
Justin Sichula, MD.

Justin Sichula, MD

Internal Medicine Resident

Kathy Ohe, MD

Internal Medicine Resident
Leena Raza, MD.

Leena Raza, MD

Internal Medicine Resident
Macey Horch, MD.

Macey Horch, MD

Internal Medicine Resident
Graham Anderson, MD.

Mackenzie Graham Anderson, DO

Internal Medicine Resident
Mark Schneider, MD.

Mark Schneider, MD

Internal Medicine Resident

Mitra Ramezani, MD

Internal Medicine Resident
Ozone Gautam, MBBS.

Ozone Gautam, MBBS

Internal Medicine Resident

Phillip Morrill, DO

Internal Medicine Resident

Ryota (Yoda) Shimada, MD, PhD

Internal Medicine Resident

Samia Munayirji, MD

Internal Medicine Resident

Sandra No, DO

Internal Medicine Resident

Steve Kim, MD

Internal Medicine Resident
Yash Patel, MD.

Yash Patel, DO

Internal Medicine Resident

Residency Clinic Locations

Salmon Creek, WA Locations

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Salmon Creek 1 Clinic

2525 NE 139th Street
Vancouver, WA 98686


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Let multiple experts care for your health

At our Residency Clinic in Salmon Creek, physicians and residents work together to offer adults age 18+ excellent care. Patients benefit from having multiple bright minds focused on their health and well-being. They can also feel good knowing that they are helping grow the next generation of physicians.

Learn how to be seen in the Residency Clinic. Choose the “Visit” tab above to learn more.

Experience a community partnership

Residents are part of the Legacy Salmon Creek Internal Medicine Residency Program, which welcomed its first class in June 2022. Each doctor-in-training has completed at least four years of college and four years of medical school, earning a medical degree. During their three-year residency, they complete the on-the-job training they need to become certified in their specialty—in this case, internal medicine.

Residents rotate between caring for hospitalized patients in different departments and caring for Vancouver Clinic patients. All the while, they work alongside experienced physicians who share their experience, skill, and compassion.

It’s an open secret that our medical community hopes that residents will fall in love with Southwest Washington and choose to stay here long-term, helping meet the critical need for doctors in our rapidly growing community.


Will I receive good care if I’m seen by a doctor-in-training?
Yes. Every resident has earned a doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathic medicine degree. Each doctor is overseen by an experienced physician who advises them throughout their time in the clinic. A resident may consult their attending physician on diagnoses, treatment plans, medications, referrals to specialists, and other questions. What’s more, attending physicians review the medical record and provide guidance on the clinical plan of every patient a resident sees.

What does an internal medicine doctor do?
Internal medicine doctors, also called internists, specialize in caring for adults age 18 and over. They are primary care providers trained to diagnose and treat a wide variety of health conditions and to counsel their patients on prevention and overall wellness. They often help patients prevent and manage common concerns such as prediabetes, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, strains and sprains, anxiety, and depression.

Are appointments in the Internal Medicine Residency Clinic like regular appointments?
Appointments in the Internal Medicine Residency Clinic are longer than typical primary care visits, giving patients more time to discuss questions, concerns, and treatment options with their doctor.


To become a patient in the Internal Medicine Residency Clinic, please call 360-882-2778.

The Residency Clinic is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Appointments are 60 minutes long.

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