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What is Physical Therapy?

Mobility, movement, and the body in motion—these are the domains of physical therapy. Traditionally, physical therapists provide treatment for most musculoskeletal conditions, including back pain, strains and sprains, arthritis, sports injuries, neck pain, headaches, overuse or on the job injuries, and recovery after motor vehicle accidents. A physical therapist will build a treatment plan around goals and needs, alternating modalities and exercises in step with your recovery.

How We Are Different

We focus on improving the way your body functions by restoring normal motion and strength to areas where you are encountering pain, dysfunction and stress. We partner with you to determine effective treatment plans based on the latest research and your personal goals—whether you are recovering from an accident, healing after an injury, seeking to strengthen a chronic ailment or something else.

Services and treatment plans include:
  • Detailed physical evaluations
  • Hands-on manual techniques and exercise programs that restore normal, pain free motion
  • Customized exercise programs that promote recovery
  • Massage therapy
  • Hand therapy
  • Pool therapy
  • Group pool exercise classes
Do I need a prescription to start physical therapy?

A referral is not required for you to see a physical therapist. However, some insurance carriers require a referral in order to cover the service. We recommend that you check with your insurance company regarding specific PT benefits.

How is treatment coordinated with my doctor?

We communicate directly with your physician after the initial evaluation to relay our examination findings and treatment plan. We also communicate any specific needs or concerns to your doctor throughout the treatment program as they arise.

What should I wear to my physical therapy appointment?

Wear loose comfortable clothing—much of the treatment is based on movement.

What happens when I am done with Physical Therapy?

In most cases, you will have detailed instructions on exercises to continue after completing physical therapy—this will support the gains you’ve made. In addition, our therapists remain available via phone or MyChart to answer any questions going forward.

What to Expect

When you first visit one of our physical therapists, expect a detailed evaluation and discussion about your specific goals. We’ll also review your medical history, and examine areas of your body that you wish to work on. As we develop your treatment plan with you, expect us to be consistent and thorough in our approach, while also keeping new ideas in mind. As you progress through healing and recovery, expect that we’ll be ready with new suggestions and treatments options designed to keep you moving with strength, balance, and renewed confidence.

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