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Pharmacy Services

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What is Pharmacy?

In an age where many people seek answers—and even medications—via the Internet, or mix and match various “cure-alls” to help with illnesses, pharmacists are still the experts where the effective and accurate use of pharmaceutical drugs is concerned. A good pharmacist is your go-to health professional to discuss drug therapy, and applies his or her knowledge, training, and insight for your benefit.

How We Are Different

Our Pharmacy Department believes in the power of personal connections and care. We serve the prescription needs of all patients who receive medical services from The Vancouver Clinic’s doctors and specialists. Here you’ll find more than just trusted brands or cost-effective generic medications. You’ll receive personalized support through your many seasons of health, whether you are dealing with the common cold, recovering from surgery, or simply have questions about your prescription.


We provide outpatient pharmaceutical services to attend to the medicinal treatments prescribed by your caregiver:

  • Problem mitigation
  • Refill management
  • Formulary alterations

Why should I use The Vancouver Clinic Pharmacies for my prescriptions?
The Vancouver Clinic Pharmacies provide fast, convenient service. You can have your prescription filled at the same place you get your healthcare without having to go to another location. Your healthcare provider can send your prescription electronically to the Clinic Pharmacy while you are still in the office to reduce the amount of time needed to get your prescription filled. Our knowledgeable pharmacists also provide counseling to ensure that your drugs are used correctly.

Where can I take back or dispose of my unused medications?
Please go to to find a medication disposal location near you. TVC pharmacies and providers do not offer medication disposal services.

How do I contact my pharmacist?
Call 360-882-2778 and ask for the location you have your prescriptions filled.

How do I print an expense report?
Simply go to the pharmacy where your prescriptions are filled and we can print it for you in seconds.

How much do my prescriptions cost?
We can give you price quotes at any time as well as help you determine if your prescription is covered by your insurance.

Can I fill a prescription for a friend or loved one on their behalf?
Absolutely. We ask you to present identification and an insurance card for the patient requiring the prescription. If it is a controlled substance such as a strong pain reliever, we ask the patient’s representative to bring identification as well.

What if I do not have a written prescription?
We are always happy to contact your provider to resolve the need for an order to fill your prescription.

How do I transfer a prescription to The Vancouver Clinic pharmacy?
Simply bring us the bottles or call with your current pharmacy information and we will take care of the rest.

What if my prescription is expired?
Give us a call at your convenience and we will contact your prescriber for a renewal of your prescription.

Can I get my prescription filled at the Clinic Pharmacy today and get refills at a pharmacy closer to my home?
Yes, your refill prescription can be transferred to other pharmacies. When you are ready for your refill, just ask your pharmacist to call the Clinic Pharmacy for transfer information. The Clinic Pharmacies can also mail refills to you for a nominal mailing fee. (Note that some drugs cannot be sent via mail. Check with the pharmacist first.)

Can I transfer prescriptions from other pharmacies to a Clinic Pharmacy?
Yes, we welcome refill prescriptions from other pharmacies. Just call the Clinic Pharmacy with the name and phone number of the transferring pharmacy. Our friendly staff will take care of the details and will notify you when your refill is ready!

If I’m seeing a physician at a different location, can I get my prescriptions at the Pharmacy there?
Since all of our Pharmacies share a common database, you can have your prescriptions filled at any of our locations. Your drug and insurance information is available at any Pharmacy within The Vancouver Clinic system.

Can I have prescriptions from other physicians filled at the Clinic Pharmacies?
The Clinic Pharmacies fill prescriptions from non-Clinic medical providers. Your provider can fax or call prescriptions to the Clinic Pharmacies, or you can bring your written prescriptions to any Clinic Pharmacy.

Do my drugs cost more at the Clinic Pharmacies?
If you have prescription drug insurance, your co-pay cost is the same at the Clinic Pharmacies as it would be at any other pharmacy.

For cash customers, the Clinic Pharmacies are very competitive with other pharmacies’ prices. You can discuss costs with a Clinic pharmacist.

Will the Clinic Pharmacies accept my insurance?
The Clinic Pharmacies accept most of the commonly used prescription drug insurance plans for this area. When you present your prescription along with your insurance information at the Pharmacy counter, you will be told quickly whether your insurance is accepted. The Clinic’s Pharmacies accept Medicare Part D and CUP prescription drug insurance.

Do the Clinic Pharmacies have over-the-counter drugs or therapeutic products?
Each of the Clinic’s Pharmacies has a selection of commonly-used over-the- counter drugs, as well as other products related to healthcare needs. The Clinic pharmacists can recommend appropriate over-the-counter products to meet your needs.

What if I have questions about my drugs?
Each of the pharmacists is well-trained to provide counseling and discuss drug interactions and any questions or concerns you have about prescription and over-the counter drugs. The Clinic’s pharmacists establish the kind of customer relationships where our patients feel very comfortable about asking questions or requesting advice.

What to Expect

Expect your pharmaceutical care to be an extension of the service and support you receive throughout The Vancouver Clinic. You can also expect an experience that inspires confidence and trust. Our pharmacists bring many years of experience, advanced education and specialty training to provide thorough reviews of your pharmaceutical treatment plan. Finally, expect to benefit from the close working relationships our pharmacists have with your provider—including greater accuracy and efficiency where your refill and formulary needs are concerned.