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Clinical Pharmacy Services

Clinical Pharmacy Services Providers

Connor Smith, PharmD.

Connor Smith, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist
Hannah Ketch, PharmD.

Hannah Ketch, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist
Victoria Tamis, PharmD.

Victoria Tamis, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist
Wesley Hanson, PharmD.

Wesley Hanson, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist

Information about Clinical Pharmacy Services


Help ensure medications are working for you

Clinical pharmacists work one-on-one with patients to help them manage their medications. Unlike retail pharmacists, who primarily fill prescriptions, clinical pharmacists focus on helping patients use their prescriptions safely and effectively. Clinical pharmacists are experts at:

  • Using pharmaceuticals to help patients bring a disease under control
  • Helping patients optimize when and how to take their medications
  • Checking for drug interactions, including those that involve food and drink
  • Providing comprehensive medication reviews to see if any prescriptions should be updated or eliminated
  • Suggesting different prescription options that may be better for a patient’s diagnosis or lifestyle

Our clinical pharmacists hold doctor of pharmacy degrees and care for patients of all ages and with a variety of conditions. Their training allows them to make changes to a patient’s current medications and prescribe different ones. Individuals diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension and patients using anticoagulation drugs or undergoing infusion treatments are among those who tend to benefit from clinical pharmacy appointments. Our clinical pharmacists coordinate with a patient’s primary care provider to deliver expert care.

Please talk to your primary care provider if you feel like you need help with medication management.

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