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Internal Medicine


Internal Medicine

We are your ‘doctors for adults’ that help you solve your biological puzzle.


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What is Internal Medicine?

Have you ever wondered about your unique biological puzzle? The places where you are strong, and those where you need support? Your risk factors for various diseases, whether environmental or inherited? Internal Medicine providers, or Internists, help you put the pieces of your biological puzzle together, even when the big picture moves around over time. They serve as primary care physicians for adults, and apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to diagnose, treat, and care for people across the spectrum of health and illness.

How We Are Different

We manage everything from chronic diseases to sudden illnesses throughout your adult life. This includes diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. When you are uncertain about a sudden health concern, can’t seem to shake the common cold, or are worried because of your family history, turn to the Internists at The Vancouver Clinic.


We emphasize the management of chronic or complex illnesses, as well as severe cases in which you may require hospitalization. We’re here to monitor and manage a wide range of illnesses and conditions, while helping you achieve your health goals.

  • Health screenings
  • Comprehensive physical exams
  • Primary, wellness and preventative healthcare
What conditions do internists treat?

We treat patient as a whole. There are no conditions too complex to be outside the range of our care. We serve as the first line provider when health issues arise, and will coordinate all of your care.

My grandfather has an internist, but I think I’m too young to worry about it. How old should I be before I see an internist?

Every adult (18-years or older) should see an internist for primary care. This is especially true if you’re concerned about your current health and long-term wellness goals. Even if you are young and healthy, your internist will be your partner in helping you maintain your good health, and also screening for disease.

What is the difference between a Family Medicine and Internal Medicine provider?

Family Medicine is a medical specialty that provides healthcare for all ages at every stage of life (from birth through childhood and adulthood). Internists focus on adults age 18 and over and have additional training in caring for elderly patients. We deal with many acute and chronic medical problems, and issues related to health maintenance.

What to Expect

More than anything, expect us to listen. We gain a great deal of knowledge about what’s going on by giving you space and time to talk about your symptoms, voice your concerns, and bring us up to speed on changes you’ve noticed in your body. In return, you’ll receive clear explanations, thorough examinations, and the right answers and treatment plans.