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Family Medicine


Family Medicine

You’ve got a big family. So do we. With over 30 family medicine specialists, we’re ready.


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What is Family Medicine?

Sharing is at the foundation of a strong family. Sharing meals. Sharing excitement. Sharing stories with one another. Family Medicine at The Vancouver Clinic extends this sharing by providing a shared health experience with everyone in your family. As a medical practice, Family Medicine focuses on comprehensive health care for people of all ages, while the specialists in this field are often referred to as family physicians, family doctors, or family nurse practitioners. These doctors integrate biological, clinical and behavioral sciences to provide continuing and comprehensive care.

How We Are Different

Imagine your entire family is sitting down for a holiday meal, an anniversary celebration or birthday party. How many generations are present? Three? Four? The Vancouver Clinic’s Family Medicine department cares for all people of ages through all stages of life. Family Medicine providers can treat minor colds and fevers to chronic conditions requiring long-term care such as diabetes and high blood pressure. They also keep you healthy with preventive care and physicals.