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Wesley Hanson, PharmD

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Wesley Hanson, PharmD.

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Front side of the 87th Avenue location.

87th Avenue Clinic

700 NE 87th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98664
Salmon Creek 2 exterior.

Salmon Creek 2 Clinic

2529 NE 139th Street
Vancouver, WA 98686


Clinical Pharmacist

Wesley Hanson helps patients receive the full benefit of their medication therapy by teaching people what their prescriptions are used for and how they work. He believes that when patients understand their medications they are more likely to commit to their treatment plans.

Wesley collaborates with other clinicians and pharmacists to provide the best possible care to patients. He enjoys collecting and sharing pharmaceutical information and data—much of which isn’t easily accessible. Assembling and interpreting material is a tremendous help to physicians as it enables them to create best-in-class approaches to infusion treatments and other therapies.

Wesley earned a doctor of pharmacy at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. He is also the pharmacy operations manager at Vancouver Clinic.

In his free time, Wesley enjoys going on road trips and trying local cuisines with his wife. The couple likes working in their garden together and making pies and preserves with their homegrown fruit. Wesley also spends time practicing French and Spanish, training his miniature schnauzer, and listening to audiobooks.

Practice Areas

Sarah Heiney, LCSW, MSW.Skylar Newkirk, LICSW.