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Nancy Schwarzkopf, NP

Nancy Schwarzkopf, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Ms. Schwarzkopf graduated with a master’s degree in nursing at Montana State in 2008. She obtained her undergraduate nursing over 30 years ago at Boise State University. Her experience encompasses care of patients across the lifespan in various settings including women’s health, college health, and mental health venues. Her recent experience was caring for adults of all ages, treating chronic diseases, offering preventive health and wellness care, men’s health and integrated mental health care in the primary care setting.

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Ms. Schwarzkopf seeks to offer patients a safe, comfortable place to address health concerns and set wellness goals. She feels honored to build lasting relationships with patients that allow holistic care across the years.

Ms. Schwarzkopf enjoys cooking, gardening, dinners with her grown children and grandchildren, and hiking with her dogs.


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