Melody Stringer, ARNP

Melody Stringer received her undergraduate nursing degree from the University of Toronto. After 5 years of experience in Emergency Nursing, she went on to obtain her Masters of Science in Nursing from Houston Baptist University in 2001. In an Advanced Practice role, she has experience in the areas of Urgent Care and Family Practice. Special interests include health promotion and pediatrics.

Melody believes in empowering her patients to promote their own health by helping them to make informed decisions. Realizing that an Urgent Care visit can be stressful, she is dedicated to making the experience as easy as possible for her patients.

When not working, Melody enjoys camping, hiking, and family road trips.

At a Glance

Years of Service: 14

Educational Background:

  • BSN, RN, University of Toronto
  • MSN FNP, Houston Baptist University

Personal Pursuits:
“Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, hiking, and taking spur-of-the-moment road trips.”

“Making a difference in the lives of my patients, both today in acute illness, and in future preventative illness, is my motivator.”

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