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Jonathan Isaac, MD

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Jonathan Isaac, MD.

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Front side of the 87th Avenue location.

87th Avenue Clinic

700 NE 87th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98664



Dr. Jonathan Isaac is passionate about helping people achieve their best health by providing specialized cardiology and medical care. He sees advanced heart medicine as a powerful tool for helping patients and families to overcome challenges and achieve their unique health goals.

Dr. Isaac provides full-spectrum heart care and treats many patients who have multiple complex illnesses. He has a specific interest in helping women who develop heart problems in pregnancy or during menopause—an often underserved group within the cardiology field. He is passionate about cardiac care during and after cancer treatment, as well as critical care cardiology. He has been active in clinical research on early intervention in cardiac arrest.

Dr. Isaac completed a cardiology fellowship at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. He earned a doctor of medicine from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia. He also holds a degree in engineering and technology from The Open University in England, and a post-baccalaureate in medical science from Georgia State University.

Dr. Isaac has lived on four continents, but now calls Vancouver his home. He, his wife, and their two young daughters enjoy rambling through the woods and exploring local parks on the weekends. He also enjoys working on archaeological digs and is an avid wedding cake baker.

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