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Armida Nunez, MD

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Urgent Care Physician

Dr. Nunez received her medical degree from Eastern Virginia Medical School in 1993. She completed her residency training in Emergency Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University in 1996. She has practiced locally as an emergency physician for 18 years. Since joining the urgent care team at Vancouver Clinic, she is enjoying the new challenges and bringing her past experience in acute care to her current practice.

Before attending medical school, Dr. Nunez was a respiratory therapist and continues to have a special interest in acute pulmonary medicine. She is passionate about helping patients in their journey to smoking cessation. She is fluent in Spanish and is eager to utilize her language and cultural background to reach out to the Hispanic patients at Vancouver Clinic. Her philosophy of patient care is to treat all with respect and compassion, seeking always to take care of their medical, emotional, and psychosocial needs.

At home, she enjoys being with her family, which includes her husband and two active teenagers, as well as two dogs. She has homeschooled her children for several years. She does volunteer work and loves to read, but is always looking for more time to draw and scrapbook.

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