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Amy Semritc, MD

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Amy Semritc, MD.

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Dr. Amy Semritc graduated with a doctor of medicine in 2014 from Oregon Health & Science University, where she also completed her residency. She also holds a master of health policy and administration from Washington State University, and a bachelor of arts in psychology from the University of Washington.

Dr. Semritc first became interested in medicine after a gymnastics accident at the age of 16. An orthopedic surgeon at the University of Washington repaired the broken bones in her arm, and a torn ligament in her elbow, allowing her to fulfill her dream of competing at the collegiate level. The surgeon’s skill, compassion, and ability to positively impact her life stayed with her.

As a provider, Dr. Semritc enjoys connecting with each of her patients as people and learning about their families, lifestyles, hobbies, and values. She believes that knowing them personally allows her to understand their goals and motivations and provide better, more holistic care.

Dr. Semritc appreciates the pace and intensity of the acute care environment. She is particularly interested in medical leadership, organizational strategic planning, and support systems for women in medicine.

Dr. Semritc is married and has two sons. The family enjoys hiking, biking, and camping together.

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