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Amanda Beaty, PA-C

Amanda Beaty, PA-C.

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Physician Assistant

Amanda Beaty loves making patients feel comfortable and welcome, relieving their fears about being at the doctor’s office. She approaches people with respect and offers treatments that support what is right for each individual’s well-being.

As an urgent care physician assistant, Amanda sees patients of all ages. She enjoys witnessing the smiles on patients’ faces when they receive a treatment plan that puts them on the path to recovery.

Amanda was attracted to the medical field early on. When she was a child, her little brother was struck by a drunk driver on his school’s playground. His life was saved by kind and expert caregivers. She is inspired every day to help others, just as her family was helped.

Amanda earned a bachelor of science in biology at San Diego State University in San Diego, California. She completed a master of science in physician assistant studies at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys traveling to other states, trying new foods, and watching sports. She was once a contestant on The Price is Right.

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