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Physician Benefits


Associate physicians at The Vancouver Clinic have the opportunity to become shareholders of the business. Following a two-year term as an associate of the Clinic, each associate physician is reviewed by their department, which then makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors to consider the candidate for shareholder status.

Our physician shareholders enjoy the advantage of being owners of their own business, providing the opportunity to control the policies that govern their work life.

Opportunities for Committee Work
Opportunities are available from the first day of employment for participating on committees that shape the business of The Vancouver Clinic. These include committees on finance, retirement, IS/Medical Records, distribution of compensation, and strategic planning. New physicians are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

The Board of Directors
Shareholders have the opportunity to be elected to the ten-member Board of Directors. The ten positions on the Board include seven department chairs elected by their departments, two at-large positions elected by the general shareholders, and the Board Chair, elected annually by the Board of Directors.

All major policy decisions at the Clinic must be approved by the Board of Directors. Operational issues are handled by individual departments and the administrative team. The Clinic’s Executive Director and Medical Director attend Board meetings, but are non-voting members, and both answer to the Chair of the Board.

Self-governance is an important avenue through which physicians of The Vancouver Clinic grow personally and professionally. Participation contributes to the positive, collegial work atmosphere that we enjoy.

Learning Opportunities

Mentoring Opportunities
The Vancouver Clinic offers an extensive mentoring program for new providers that is designed to facilitate the transition into private practice at the Clinic. The program is overseen by the Medical Director.

Each new provider is assigned a local mentor to answer questions about Clinic life, policies, accepted medical practices, and procedures. In addition, several resources are available to give new providers useful feedback about their work performance. Monthly statistical reports provide constructive feedback about productivity, including information about RVU’s (Relative Value Units), patient contact hours and patient visits. An excellent coding department educates and monitors accuracy of coding.

The chair of each department takes an active role implementing the mentoring program, checking in regularly with the new providers to assess their general satisfaction and progress in their new roles at the Clinic.

Continuing Education
At least twice each month, providers and staff have an opportunity to hear a presentation on medical issues at each of our clinic sites. In addition, our Pearls for Providers program allows physician only discussions on various topics that relate to the care of patients using the expertise of Vancouver Clinic doctors as well as by outside speakers. Topics span the broad range of medical interests of our multi-specialty practice.

The program’s planners use needs assessment surveys to help them create useful and interesting meetings. The program draws high ratings from participants. Each presentation is worth one hour of CME category 2 credit.

Additional extensive opportunities for learning and for category 1 credit are available through the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program through Southwest Washington Medical Center and Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital.

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