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The culture of our Clinic is one of care, a philosophy that propels us into the future.

Our Culture of Care

The story of The Vancouver Clinic is one of movement. It is also one of quality.

From our earliest days, our challenge has been to live up to the standards we created for ourselves—being the absolute best solution for patients in need of care. This philosophy has informed our expansion through years and decades, right up through three-quarters of a century.

Being the best, however, comes at a cost—that of continually comparing yourself to yourself, and maintaining this level of professional commitment against the reality of a growing population and an ever-changing industry.

As Vancouver grows, The Vancouver Clinic remains prepared and able to handle anything.

More people means more expectations, creating the need for more practitioners, a larger staff, and even more locations. The Vancouver Clinic has responded and continues to respond to all of these needs.

Today, multiple locations brim with doctors and professionals that continue to believe in the charge of being the best while moving beyond the challenges that stand in the way of this result. We recognize the importance of truly being a part of the Vancouver community.

People want care that’s close to home, and when selecting their care, they want to feel good about their choice. In the end, people will select care based on whether or not they feel it’s the best for them, and that the experience is one they can trust again and again. They want to trust their doctors, and they want medical and clerical staff members to treat them with respect throughout the entire process.

To consistently move with quality requires balance, foresight, commitment and trust. These four truths move through our cross-point of care.



Through balance we maintain equilibrium between movement and quality.

Balance means we move together as a group. Long gone are the days of four doctors operating in a small community clinic. Today, The Vancouver Clinic moves to the beat of more than 1,100 people across our five locations, while as much as 95% of Vancouver’s population lives close to one of our sites.

We are in the most competitive stretch in the history of modern healthcare. Our organizational balance is key to reminding us of what the industry is truly about on the most fundamental level: improving the health of individual patients.


Foresight means we anticipate change and move accordingly.

Historically, The Vancouver Clinic has always been building ahead of change. Sometimes it was in anticipation of local or regional growth. Other times, our moves helped us stay ahead of national mandates. As we have grown from two doctors bringing their practices together to more than 1,100 individuals combining their unique skill sets, The Vancouver Clinic has continued to emphasize foresight in order to remain flexible, forward thinking and adaptive.

There are times when people and organizations must move reactively, such as in the face of sudden crises or calamity. Those that move swiftly and soundly do so because they have been planning their movements all along.



Commitment means possessing an ownership mentality that moves throughout the organization, while inspiring our patients to claim ownership of their health.

The Vancouver Clinic is a physician-owned health organization. Therefore, the same people who encourage and support one another also encourage the organization as a whole. Rarely do doctors simply pass through The Vancouver Clinic on their way to somewhere else. Our people make their careers here, settle in the greater Vancouver area, raise their families, form strong bonds and friendships, support local organizations, and immerse themselves in the knowledge of what it truly means to live and be part of this community.


Trust moves outward from how we work to those we serve.

Our patients come here because they trust us. They trust their doctors as well as the badges the doctors wear. They trust that we will take care of their immediate medical needs, and that, due to our collaborative nature, our people will handle any future medical needs that arise. A patient is never lost at The Vancouver Clinic. No matter where you are on your journey, you can move through with confidence and clarity, with a trusted medical team moving with you stride-by-stride.