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TVC’s One-Stop-Shop Vision Center Opens This Month, Offers Comprehensive Eye Care in One Location

With the arrival of optometrist Dr. Jannell Cuddy, we’re ready to open the Vision Center at our Salmon Creek location. The Vision Center is a specialty department that provides a one-stop experience for your vision needs. Patients will be able to see an ophthalmologist for medical and surgical eye needs, as well as an optometrist for primary vision care (VSP insurance accepted). In addition to the comprehensive exams and surgical procedures we’ve always offered, patients may also be fitted for glasses and contact lenses in one convenient location.
The Vision Center team that Dr. Cuddy joins includes two opticians and two ophthalmologists (one specializing in pediatric ophthalmology). Having optometry and optician services under the same roof means that patients will have an easier time understanding what is and is not covered by their insurance. Patients can also look forward to a streamlined fitting experience for glasses or contact lenses, as the optometrist’s instructions go straight to the optician.

“The services that the Vision Center offers patients are a huge convenience. They’ll be able to receive the care and eye-wear they need in a much shorter amount of time and with less hassle and impact on their daily schedule,” says Dr. Cuddy. “In the future, we hope to establish Vision Centers at other clinic locations for enhanced patient convenience.”

The Vision Center is open from Monday-Friday, with later hours on Thursdays, and on two Saturdays each month. Please visit the Vision Center page for more information.