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Tips for Quitting Tobacco

The Four D’s to Help You Quit

The Four D’s will help you quickly respond to smoking urges in a healthy way.


  • Wait until the craving to smoke passes. Most urges come and go within 3-5 minutes.
  • Commit to delaying your first cigarette of the day. Try a 10, 20 or 30-minute delay for that first cigarette.
  • What kind of morning delay could you commit to?

Distract (Do Something Else)

  • Do something to distract yourself. Shift your thoughts to something else. Go for a walk, watch a video on YouTube, pick up your instrument, read a favorite poem, pick up a book or work on a crossword puzzle.

Drink Water

  • Drink water to beat cravings. It works surprisingly well, and good hydration has the added benefit of helping us feel better overall.
  • How much water do you tend to drink each day? How much would you like to increase that amount to?

Deep Breathing

  • Deep breathing will help you relax through cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Close your eyes and breathe in slowly as you count to three. Then breathe out for a count of three. Repeat and you’ll begin to feel your body release the tension it’s holding.
  • Some people may want to place a hand over their heart and the other over their stomach while doing the deep breathing


FREE Quitline

  • English: 1-800-784-8669 (
  • Español: 1-855-335-3569
  • TTY: 1-877-777-6534
  • Free! Available to all Oregonians and Washingtonians.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You may be able to get free nicotine gum or patches.
  • Tips, information, and telephone counseling to anyone who wants to quit tobacco.
  • A quit coach will help you create a personal quit plan that fits your life and personality.
  • Quit coaches are friendly and non-judgmental.
  • Other languages are available. Call for more assistance!

Nicotine Anonymous

  • Free
  • Helps people who would like to stop using tobacco and nicotine products.
  • Offers group support and recovery using the 12 Steps as adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous to achieve abstinence from nicotine.
  • To find meeting locations, go to: