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The Vancouver Clinic Hires Lynda Tang from Cleveland Clinic to Launch Palliative Care Program

Clinic’s palliative care team to accept patients beginning in fall 2015.


We are pleased to announce that TVC has hired Dr. Lynda Tang as its primary Physician of Palliative Medicine, a new practice area for the clinic. Dr. Tang, who completed her hospice and palliative medicine fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic, will lead a coordinated, multispecialty medical team to care for patients with serious, life-threatening illness and their families.
“Dr. Tang’s training at The Cleveland Clinic, as well as her passion for whole-person care in partnership with a patient’s loved ones, make her a great choice to build our palliative care team,” said Mark Mantei, CEO at The Vancouver Clinic. “We are absolutely thrilled to have her onboard.”

Palliative care is an increasingly valued medical specialty in which a trained team of doctors and other medical staff provides expertise and support to ease the suffering of patients living with complex illnesses or facing end-of-life concerns. These patients typically have complicated conditions that surpass the limits of standard medical attention but are not yet in need of hospice care. According to the Center to Advance Palliative Care, approximately six million people in the United States could benefit from some form of palliative care. 

Led by Dr. Tang, TVC’s palliative care team will work hand-in-hand with Southwest Washington hospitals, nurses, social workers, pharmacists and referring physicians to improve the quality of life for local patients and their families as they work through diagnosis and treatment options. Because TVC is a multispecialty medical group with a culture of collaboration among its various practices, its palliative care team will be able to provide related care from the point of diagnosis through all subsequent treatment stages. 

“Palliative care is patient-centered and collaborative, making it a perfect fit for The Vancouver Clinic,” said Dr. Tang. “We provide early assistance and education to patients with serious medical conditions. We can help to successfully manage their symptoms and to increase their comfort during the treatment process. Our goal is to provide a higher quality of life for our patients and those who care for them.” 

Dr. Tang is a board-certified family medicine physician, and will begin accepting new patients in need of palliative care as early as fall 2015.