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Vancouver Clinic and Fred Meyer Form Pharmacy Partnership

The Vancouver Clinic (TVC), Clark County’s largest health care provider, announced today that it will transition its clinic pharmacy operations to Fred Meyer. The clinic’s partnership with one of the region’s largest pharmacy retailers will expand access to related services across Clark County beginning June 12, 2017.

“The Vancouver Clinic strategically looks to identify community partnerships that strengthen our services and commitment to quality, convenient patient care,” said Mark Mantei, CEO at The Vancouver Clinic. “Both The Vancouver Clinic and Fred Meyer have been serving Clark County residents for many years. Fred Meyer pharmacy locations are open evenings and weekends, which is a huge benefit to our patients needing prescriptions filled, and they have locations near our clinics.”

As part of the agreement, The Vancouver Clinic will close its three pharmacy locations at Salmon Creek, Columbia Tech Center and 87th Avenue on Friday, June 9. The 87th Avenue clinic pharmacy location will reopen Monday, June 12, under the operation of Fred Meyer. Prescriptions at Columbia Tech Center or Salmon Creek clinic locations will automatically transfer to the nearest Fred Meyer, at either Fisher’s Landing or Salmon Creek.

In addition to operating the 87th Avenue clinic pharmacy, Fred Meyer pharmacists will have prescriptive authority under a collaborative drug therapy program overseen by TVC to assess and prescribe medication for minor ailments in all Clark County Fred Meyer pharmacies.

“Our partnership with The Vancouver Clinic means Fred Meyer pharmacists can treat patients with 25 different conditions including seasonal allergies, urinary tract infections, minor burns, earaches, provide refills for asthma, and migraine treatment as well as prescribe contraceptives” said Melissa Hansen, Fred Meyer Pharmacy Sales Manager. “For complex needs, our pharmacists will provide the patient with other medical options, including a recommendation that they seek care from their regular provider or at one of The Vancouver Clinic’s nearby urgent care locations.”