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Breakthrough technology at new Vancouver Clinic Surgery Center

Two Vancouver Clinic surgeons have performed the first-ever robotic hernia and hysterectomy procedures in a standalone ambulatory surgery center in the greater Pacific Northwest (Wash., Ore., Idaho, Alaska, and Northern Calif.).

Dr. Leslie Disher performed the hernia surgery Monday, March 13, and Dr. Jacob Calvert performed three hysterectomies on Wednesday, March 15 at the new Vancouver Clinic Surgery Center.

“Vancouver Clinic joins a handful of surgery centers across the country who can offer this type of outpatient procedure,” said Dr. Calvert, OBGYN. “I am excited to be part of the team leading surgical care forward in our region.”

After the procedures, the patients were able to safely and comfortably recover at home. Their care teams used phone calls to check in regularly and answer any questions.

“If I had a family member needing a hysterectomy, I would recommend they travel to Vancouver for surgery given what we can now offer,” Dr. Calvert said. “Our comprehensive approach to surgery allows us to offer high-quality care at a fraction of the cost compared to the same procedure performed in a hospital. Employing the latest tools and technology helps us offer patients the best possible care and an easier recovery.”

Drs. Calvert and Disher used the da Vinci Robotic Surgical system, installed as part of the Salmon Creek 2 expansion project.

The da Vinci allows surgeons to use very small tools and access difficult-to-reach areas of the body without a large incision. The minimally invasive technique can be used for gallbladder, hernia, reproductive organ, colon, kidney, and bladder surgeries.

“This technology is exciting for us to be able to share with our patients at Vancouver Clinic,” Dr. Disher said. “A wide variety of surgeries—including inguinal hernias, umbilical and ventral hernias, and cholecystectomies—can be performed in our surgery center now that we have the robotic platform. All of these robotic surgeries would have been done at the hospital before now.”

Vancouver Clinic now offers two robotic-assisted surgical systems for outpatient procedures. In 2021, orthopedists began using the MAKO™ robotic-assisted surgery device to perform full joint replacements for low-risk individuals. The MAKO™ device allows surgeons to place new hip and knee joints with extreme accuracy for natural movement.

Thanks to these new technologies, plus better pain-management options, patients have alternatives to a traditional hospital experience. Physicians from specialties throughout Vancouver Clinic can schedule patients into the surgery center to help ensure fast access to high-quality, low-cost surgical care.

The new Vancouver Clinic Surgery Center is open for limited procedures at this time and will be fully open in May 2023.