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Matching money to help nonprofits

Vancouver Clinic’s leading women are making a difference within our walls and in our larger community. In addition to serving on Vancouver Clinic’s Contributions Committee, Dr. Katherine Vaughn serves on advisory boards for Educational Opportunities for Children and Families and the Cascadia Technical Academy’s Applied Medical Sciences program.


Part 4: Dr. Katherine Vaughn, Contributions Committee Chair

For 10 years, Dr. Katherine Vaughn has led the Contributions Committee, a small Vancouver Clinic group that has the enjoyable task of gifting money.

“It’s a feel-good job that benefits worthwhile organizations,” Dr. Vaughn said. “What could be better?”

The committee matches employee donations to 20 community nonprofits. Free health care clinics, children’s mental health services, and food banks are among the recipients. Every year, the group reviews which organizations to support, but the criteria remain consistent: Nonprofits that help patients, provide services in Southwest Washington, and support physical and mental health are the priority.

“Keeping support local aligns with the heart and mission of what we do,” Dr. Vaughn said. “We care for our community, as we have for 85 years.”

Not only is the committee led by a woman, it’s filled by women as well.

“The clinic has always had a lot of really strong female leaders,” Dr. Vaughn said.

Vancouver Clinic is proud to support:

  • Battle Ground Health Care
  • Breast Friends
  • Caring Closet
  • Children’s Center
  • Children’s Home Society
  • Clark County Food Bank
  • Columbia River Mental Health
  • Compassion 360
  • Daybreak Youth Services
  • FISH of Vancouver
  • Free Clinic of SW Washington
  • Hope Bereavement Services
  • HOPE Dementia Support
  • Meals on Wheels


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