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Are you hoping for a baby? Get your diet into shape pre-pregnancy to ensure your body is ready to grow a healthy baby. Your wellness before conception is a strong predictor of how healthy your pregnancy will be. Discover specific foods you should eat—or avoid—below.

Graphic with Dr. Flynn La Rochelle telling what to eat if you're planning a pregnancy.
Graphic telling to eat lots of fruit and veggies.
Graphic telling to opt for whole grains and healthy proteins.
Graphic telling to avoid simple carbs and sugars.
Graphic telling to incorporate high-fat dairy.
Graphic telling to take folic acid early.
Graphic telling to say
Graphic telling to pass on alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes.
Graphic telling to check in with your doctor before you get pregnant.

Source: Dr. Flynn La Rochelle is an OB/GYN at Vancouver Clinic’s 87th Ave and Columbia Tech Center locations.