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Five benefits of using Medicare Advantage at Vancouver Clinic

What is it like to use Medicare Advantage plans at Vancouver Clinic? If you’re a senior, you might wonder how this insurance option could benefit you. Here are the top five reasons why Medicare Advantage could be the right choice:

  1. Access exceptional caregivers. Vancouver Clinic accepts private insurance and Medicare Advantage plans for new patients 65 and older. We are unable to accept basic Medicare, unless you are already a patient. Signing up for a Medicare Advantage plan gives you access to some of the best caregivers in the area—ours.
  2. Spend more time with your physician. At Vancouver Clinic, all Medicare Advantage patients are encouraged to attend annual 40- to 60-minute appointments with their doctors. These visits allow your doctor to help you manage chronic conditions, keep you up-to-date on preventative care recommendations, and check that your medications are still appropriate. By gaining a comprehensive view of your wellness, your doctor can help you stay healthier.
  3. Benefit from a group-based approach. Staff and physicians monitor the health metrics (such as blood pressure levels and colonoscopy rates) of Medicare Advantage plan patients as whole. If you fall outside the healthy range, the clinic can be deliberate about getting you in to see your doctor quickly to address concerns before they become more serious.
  4. Enjoy high-quality hospital care. Vancouver Clinic hires high-quality hospital doctors to take care of our patients should they be admitted to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center or Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center. Our hospitalists coordinate with your regular doctor and specialists to ensure the best care. For seniors who are new patients, signing up for Medicare Advantage allows you to gain care from our hospital doctors.
  5. Take advantage of vital programs. Our Transitional Care Clinic and skilled nursing facility presence help keep patients from experiencing the setbacks that cause hospital readmissions. Our patients on Medicare Advantage plans enjoy the lowest hospitalization and readmission rates in the region. As a clinic patient, you have access to these programs.

Vancouver Clinic accepts five Medicare Advantage plan providers:

Federal government regulations restrict the clinic from answering questions about specific plans or making plan recommendations. For help comparing your available insurance options, we suggest referring to:


Dr. Craig Riley is the Associate Medical Director of Adult Primary Care at Vancouver Clinic.