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New Arrivals

Welcome Our New Arrivals to Vancouver Clinic

We are a local, physician-owned organization with 40+ specialties. Providers are at the forefront of decisions, and every staff member has a voice in how we grow. Our people support each other in delivering compassionate, quality care and are committed to creating an incredible clinic experience.


Comprehensive Patient Services

We know it can feel like technology has pushed health care to the point where the word “care” doesn’t mean much anymore. Well, care still means everything to us.

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Danacia Jones, PA-C


Danacia’s deep experience in emergency medicine makes her particularly passionate about preventive care. She helps give patients the tools they need to succeed in their health goals and roots for them along the way.

Katherine Kasik, MD


Dr. Katherine Kasik provides individualized care to patients. She enjoys learning about each person’s life experiences, health philosophy, and goals, and then collaborating with them to improve their physical and psychological wellness.

Riyad Fares, MD


Dr. Riyad Fares cares for adult patients with complex medical needs. He enjoys spending time educating patients and considers a strong patient-physician relationship to be fundamental to great health care.

Nina Warrior, ARNP


Nina Warrior builds long-term partnerships with patients, allowing her to better tailor care to meet their unique wellness goals. She looks at health holistically and helps individuals examine all aspects of their well-being.

Samreen Khan, MD


Dr. Samreen Khan believes it is a privilege to earn the trust of her patients and help safeguard their health. She stays current with evolving medical knowledge and proactively reaches out for specialty consultations to deliver exceptional care.

Morgan Clarkson, MD


Dr. Morgan Clarkson strives to make going to the doctor a hopeful and positive experience for patients, allowing them to let go of their apprehension. She focuses on listening closely to people and empowering them to make decisions about their care.

To schedule with any of our new providers, please call 360-882-2778.