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New Arrivals

Welcome Our New Arrivals to Vancouver Clinic

We are a local, physician-owned organization with 40+ specialties. Providers are at the forefront of decisions, and every staff member has a voice in how we grow. Our people support each other in delivering compassionate, quality care and are committed to creating an incredible clinic experience.


Comprehensive Patient Services

We know it can feel like technology has pushed health care to the point where the word “care” doesn’t mean much anymore. Well, care still means everything to us.

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Bill Blessington, MD


Dr. Bill Blessington is passionate about teaching people how to live healthier lives. He views every patient visit as an opportunity to offer empathy and compassion and nurture a lasting partnership.

Connie Liu, FNP


Connie Liu values trust, honesty, and respect and builds relationships based on those ideals. She believes that health is personal and that patients deserve to have their concerns heard and validated.

Elizabeth Finken, DO


Dr. Elizabeth Finken focuses on seeing the whole person—mind, body, and spirit.  She enjoys partnering with patients over time to help them make lifestyle changes that prevent disease and improve their well-being.

Angela Collins, DO


Dr. Angela Collins comes from a long line of strong, compassionate women who devoted their lives to caring for others—both her grandmother and mother were nurses. As a family medicine physician, Dr. Collins helps carry on that tradition.

Neha Patel, MD


Dr. Neha Patel believes that patients need and deserve to be heard fully, so that both their physical and emotional pain can be addressed. She focuses on giving people the time and opportunity to express themselves and share their beliefs.

Jaya Madhav, MD


Dr. Jaya Madhav fosters a supportive environment for patients. She wants people to feel comfortable talking about their health concerns and asking questions. Her goal is to build long-term relationships based on trust and collaboration.

To schedule with any of our new providers, please call 360-882-2778.