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New Arrivals

Welcome Our New Arrivals to Vancouver Clinic

We are a local, physician-owned organization with 40+ specialties. Providers are at the forefront of decisions, and every staff member has a voice in how we grow. Our people support each other in delivering compassionate, quality care and are committed to creating an incredible clinic experience.

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Comprehensive Patient Services

We know it can feel like technology has pushed health care to the point where the word “care” doesn’t mean much anymore. Well, care still means everything to us.

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Mandy Boge, NP


Mandy Boge believes that everyone deserves compassionate, quality care. She takes a personalized approach to treatment, focusing on each individual’s unique needs and goals.

Christie Kratovil, FNP


Christie Kratovil believes that the human body is amazing and capable of doing incredible things. Her goal is to work with patients to develop realistic plans that help individuals achieve their optimal health.

Rafe Arlotti, PA-C


Rafe Arlotti considers it an honor to help patients improve their quality of life. As a physician assistant in family medicine, he provides excellent primary care to individuals of all ages.

Elizabeth (Ecy) Hughes, NP


Ecy Hughes develops close relationships with patients and helps them work through barriers to wellness. She delights in teaching people about their bodies, diseases, illnesses, and options.

Kanuboddu (Naga) Reddy, MD


Dr. Naga Reddy works with patients to develop health care plans that promote their physical and mental wellbeing. He supports people as they create healthy habits, such as staying active, managing stress, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Guenever Parsley, DNP.

Guenever Parsley, DNP


Guenever Parsley guides patients along their unique wellness journey. She encourages individuals to share their knowledge about their own body and personal experiences so that she can help them formulate goals and plans that work for them.

To schedule with any of our new providers, please call 360-882-2778.