When someone commits to a career in medicine, they make a promise that moves in many directions.

Move Your Career Forward

Move your Career Forward with Us

Our doctors and professionals: At The Vancouver Clinic, you can form strong relationships, and have room to move your career forward while enhancing our legacy.

The Vancouver Clinic provides doctors with an opportunity to practice medicine in a collegial atmosphere surrounded by other medical professionals who are experts in their fields.

Clinical and administrative staff provide ancillary services and support so doctors can focus on patients, connect more deeply with colleagues, and build a strong, in-house referral network among providers, thereby expanding and enhancing the care that patients receive.

Interested in becoming a part of our growing team?

We move together.

The Vancouver Clinic possesses an intentional organizational structure that puts our doctors at the forefront of decisions—we are a locally owned professional association of physicians, meaning our doctors are actively involved and dedicated to our growth and success.

As part of The Vancouver Clinic, you can expand your practice while focusing on your patients, without getting bogged down by business issues and paperwork.

The Vancouver Clinic is your eyes and ears where business matters are concerned, freeing you up so you can focus on what matters most—the care you give, and your own opportunities for growth.

Move your career forward as part of our forward-thinking medical team.

Patients come to see their doctors. In fact, all across the healthcare industry, a patient’s relationship with his or her doctor is the number-one point of distinction between a positive experience and a negative one. This fact points back to our organizational structure that allows doctors to focus on providing care and building relationships in order to instill and grow this level of trust.

From there, patients interact with any number of medical and clerical staff members before and after their visits. These moments also work to build on the critical components of trust, comfort and satisfaction. Across our more than 30 departments, we want our doctors to move with confidence with their medical and clerical staff members.

Our people keep us moving forward.

We all work for The Vancouver Clinic, wear the same badge on our chests, and represent the same interests— compassionate care across a lifetime of needs.

Our leaders remain passionate about much more than the services we provide. Individually and as a group, they care about the way we go about treating patients—whether on the phone, in the waiting room, during a doctor’s visit, and afterwards. They also care about our place in the greater Vancouver community, as well as the role we play in fostering greater growth going forward.

The healthcare industry is in the midst of rapid change, as many large and small organizations alike seek to redefine the meaning of relationships and care. At The Vancouver Clinic, our leaders take their lead from the past as they project into the future, moving our organization by forming strategic partnerships, bringing in talented doctors and staff, and inviting feedback and input from the people
we serve.

Relationships matter.

Even when responding to challenges that emanate from national or global sources, we continue to move ahead of change while maintaining and strengthening our bond to the place we call home. This connection exists at our very core, and is a part of every move we make.

About The Region

The Vancouver Clinic is located in Clark County, in the Southwest corner of Washington. Southwest Washington is one the nation’s most beautiful regions, and one of the top-ranked places to live in the United States. In addition to spectacular views, the area offers an abundance of recreational activities, including world class snow sports, wind surfing, fishing, hiking and bicycling. Situated just across the Columbia River, downtown Portland, which has been proclaimed America’s “Best Big City” by Money magazine offers cultural diversity and some the best dining in the Northwest. The Emerald City of Seattle is only three hours north and Seattle is a city where “the extraordinary is commonplace and commonplace is anything but.”

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We have consistently planned our steps, chosen the right people, and kept a view on what’s ahead.