Through the reality of real-time medical records, we’re able to understand the desires and demands of the modern patient.

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Release of Information Department

Phone: (360) 397-3638  |  Fax: (360) 604-1714

Medical Record Review

If you would like to review your medical record, you may do so by scheduling an appointment with our Health Information Supervisor. All record reviews take place at our Medical Records Release of Information Department. The phone number to schedule an appointment to review your records is (360) 397-4433. Please remember to bring picture ID with you to the appointment.

Consent for Treatment of Minor Children - NEW

Parents/Legal Guardians –

We understand that life can get busy and there are times when you are not able to accompany your minor child to appointments.  In order to facilitate care during these times, you can authorize your minor child to be seen and treated for routine, and emergency care while in the company of another adult 18 years or older (accompanied visit), or while alone (unaccompanied visit) by filling out the Consent for Treatment of Minor Children Form found under Downloads & Resources above by clicking on “Downloads & Resources”.

  1. The form(s) must be filled out and submitted prior to the appointment.
  2. You may select either, or both options on the form.
  3. The authorization will expire automatically one year from the date of signed, unless you wish it to expire sooner.  If so, you can note that on the form.
  4. The authorization can be revoked at any time by signing and submitting a Revocation Form, found under “Downloads & Resources” above.

See form instructions below.

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