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Leadership & Support Staff

Board of Directors

Vancouver Clinic takes pride in being a professional association of physicians that is locally owned and governed. Our commitment to this organizational structure requires the active involvement of dedicated physician and administrative leaders. These leaders willingly contribute their time and talent to ensure that the organization continues to be a stimulating professional environment that emphasizes patient service and exceptionally high quality patient care while we continue to grow and thrive.

Administrative Leadership

In many ways, our leadership embodies the same spirit that drove Vancouver Clinic’s founders 80 years ago—a spirit forged around specific questions that we’ve been asking ourselves for a long time: If this is where we are, how can we move ahead? And, as we move forward, how can we continue to keep compassion and quality at the forefront of everything we do? In remaining patient-focused, we ensure that when other professionals join us, they share this view.

Medical Leadership

The Medical Leadership team at Vancouver Clinic is tasked with leading healthcare redesign by ensuring that the clinic has the resources it needs to succeed. This group works to create a climate of advocacy and accountability, and foster internal and external collaboration. This creates the rich, meaningful opportunities that attract great people to join us in our mission of being the best in the Northwest for patient-focused, quality-proven care.