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Financial Policies

Our staff members are committed to serving you with empathy and care, whether scheduling an appointment, or working with you on a billing or insurance coding issue.

Billing Procedures

The Vancouver Clinic Business Office bills your health plan within a few days of your visit. Health insurance usually pays within 30 days. Occasionally a health plan asks for additional information before paying your claim. In this case, insurance processing may be delayed beyond 30 days. After your insurance carrier has processed your claim, you will receive a statement for the remaining patient balance, such as a copay, deductible, or co-insurance. You can find a list of the most common health insurances that we are contracted with here.

We send our patients full detail statements which include each transaction. Because of the complex nature of medical billing, you may have questions regarding your statement. Please do not hesitate to call us at (360) 397-4040 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Payment Policies

At My Visit
If your insurance plan includes copays, please be prepared to pay this when you check in for your visit. If you have an outstanding balance on your account, you may be asked to pay that balance as well.

How do I pay?
When you receive a statement, your balance is due. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. You can make your payment to us from our payment portal, from within MyChart account, or by mailing your check or credit card information to:

The Vancouver Clinic
P.O. Box 4195
Portland OR, 97208-4195

You may also call our business office at (360) 397-4040 and make a credit/debit card payment over the phone. All of our clinic locations will accept patient payments in person.

Financial Hardship
We understand that medical bills can pose an unexpected financial burden. If you receive a statement which you are having difficulty paying, please call our business office at (360) 397-4040 to make payment arrangements. We want to work with you to resolve your bill.

Occasionally we receive duplicate payments resulting in a credit balance. We review these accounts to determine whether a refund belongs to an insurance carrier or our patient. These credits are usually processed within 60 days. If you believe you have an overpayment on your bill, please call our business office at (360) 397-4040 and we will promptly review your account.