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Meet Noel
Women's digestive health expert. Doctor to Crohn's and colitis patients. Mother and marathoner.
Meet John
Mentor to new doctors. Community leader. Grandpa of six.
Meet Raj
Dad. Doctor. Expert who counts pollen for the National Allergy Bureau.
Meet Lauren
Nurse Midwife passionate about helping women through pregnancy. Founder of Ethiopian Orphan Relief. Mom of two energetic girls.
Meet Steve
Electrophysiologist. Loves logic puzzles. Has one son and two daughters. Delivered all three.

We Believe

The best care happens between one human being and another.


The care in “health care”

We know it can feel like technology has pushed health care to the point where the word “care” doesn’t mean much anymore.  Well, care still means everything to us.


Care is in our DNA

Before founding Vancouver Clinic in 1936, Dr. John Brougher would travel the backroads of Clark County to take care of families who paid him in chickens. 


Care is our mission

Eighty years later, taking great care of the people in our community is still the purpose, the mission, and the driving force behind everything we do. 

The People of #VancouverClinic


New Arrivals


Paula Mantei, ARNP

Paula loves the “aha moment” when patients realize the big impact that small behavior changes can have on their health…


Kelley Zinka, FNP

Kelley enjoys building open and honest relationships with patients and working with them to create wellness plans…


Lila Quilici, PA-C

As a physician assistant, Lila believes in working together to decide on a treatment or next step in patients’ health care…

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